Tuesday night, the Cat Wrangler (my husband) and I took advantage of an invite from media agency, Taylor, to view a screening of a short documentary, The Unsinkable Henry Morgan, followed by a Q&A with Director Michael Haussman and underwater archeologist Fritz Hanselmann. We unscrupulously used this event to have our first “date” night in months.

VFX is a brutal industry on relationships/marriage. When production is on normal hours, there’s really no problem. But when overtime starts, it can go on for weeks, even months, starting with 10hr days, then moving on to 12hr days, Saturdays, full weekends, holidays… It’s easy for people to grow apart, for resentment to foster, for more fights to break out. With both of us in the industry, on different shifts, I guess you can say we’re doubly at risk. We grasp at any chance we can get to spend time together and keep finding common ground to connect on. That night, our common ground was Captain Morgan.