My kind of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. Most girls in relationships love it. Everyone else hates it. Cat Wrangler and I? It’s an excuse to have cheese fondue at home. A much better, cheaper option than dining out in LA during one of the busiest restaurant nights of the year. Also, traffic is horrendous because everyone is trying to get to their date location. To put it in perspective, there’s traffic, LA traffic, LA holiday traffic and then LA Valentine’s Day traffic. Yeah.


Shredding blocks of cheese isn’t CW and my idea of fun. Plus, I’d be more likely to shred my fingers instead. I’m really accident prone. Like “see a pot hole a mile away and still fall in it” clumsy. It’s a wonder I haven’t injured myself more while in the kitchen….

To save ourselves time and prevent a visit to the ER, I just buy those fondue blocks you melt in your pot. Get a loaf of good bread (I recommend La Brea Bakery’s Rosemary Olive Oil or Roasted Garlic loaves), some of those Lil’ Smokies sausages, some veggies/fruit like celery, apples, broccoli and you’re good to go. Quick, easy and delicious.


When we fondue, CW and I plop ourselves in front of the tv with the pot and a bottle of wine and chow down while geeking out over some tv show. Last night, it was Star Trek. So romantic….
Me: “What was the name of the guy that invented warp drive?”
CW: “Zac Efron”
Me: “………”