Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, people!  I spent mine drinking cheap champagne with mango puree and playing board games with Husband and some friends. Then we watched the ball drop in Times Square while Jenny McCarthy made out with some dude in uniform. Her lipstick smeared all over his mouth and made it look like he was the Herpes King of 2013…. Awkward! Though not as awkward as Kathy Griffin trying to grab Anderson Cooper’s package all night…. (o_O)

It seems various cultures have some sort of “lucky” food you are supposed to eat on New Year’s Day. There’s noodles, pork, black-eyed peas, collard greens…  Koreans eat “duk mandu guk” (rice cake dumpling soup). When I was a kid, my mom would put my sisters and me to work making mandu while we watched the Rose Bowl parade on tv. She would pack most of them into the freezer for future use but some were used for duk mandu guk which was our breakfast, lunch and dinner for that day. I kind of miss that. The dumpling making, that is. I’ve been wanting to do that again but haven’t mustered the energy or found the time. Maybe I should just have a dumpling making party…


This year, I was too lazy to make a pot for myself despite it being fairly easy to make. Instead, Husband and I went out for Mongolian BBQ and then for dinner, I fried up some dumplings. I also napped. Don’t judge me….

Resolutions wise, same ol’, same ol’…. lose weight, exercise, blahblahblah. I want a croissant.